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Top 10 ways to cause an issue in your home

1) DRILLING INTO THE ENVELOPE (STUCCO/ WOOD) Adding an addition or deck onto your home without installing proper flashing and hiring a licensed contractor to do so.  Doing so can cause a leak(s).


2) POURING CONCRETE OVER THE WEEP SCREED OR WITHOUT PROPER SLOPE.  Many homeowners have concrete patios poured in their rear yard.  If you are going to do so, be sure that grade is sloped away from your home to allow for proper drainage.  Also, concrete must not be poured above the stucco weep screed to allow for the stucco system to drain properly. 


3) WALKING ON THE ROOF.   Walking on the roof to install Satellite dishes, Christmas lights, etc. can break tiles and or cause damage to your roof; causing a leak.  A licensed roofer is the only trained professional that you should allow on your roof.  


4) STORING ITEMS IN THE ATTIC. Storing items in your attic can cause deflection in your roof depending on how heavy the items are.   If your furnace is in the attic, this is another reason that it is not recommended to store items as the heat can damage these items.  Many homeowners cut an access for their attic into the ceiling of their garage; this too is dangerous if the proper precautions are not taken to keep the firewall (the drywall that keeps fire out of the attic) in tact.  Need more storage room?  We can build garage cabinets, etc. to help you get organized.  


5) USING A SHOWER CADDY OR INSTALLING A SHOWER HEAD TO HEAVY FOR THE SHOWER ARM.  Many leaks can develop in a homes walls behind the shower and go undetected for long periods of time because homeowners use a shower caddy that places too much weight on the shower arm and causes it to crack or break in the wall.  New shower heads can cause the same issues if they are not properly installed.  Hire a licensed plumber to make these changes to prevent leaks. 


6) NOT HAVING YOUR AIR CONDITIONER/ FURNACE SERVICED. Your HVAC system is just like a car that needs service.  Letting this service go can cause larger issues with the system like replacement of more expensive parts; entire condensers or units.  It is recommended to have your unit serviced at least once a year.  


7) USING LIQUID PLUMBER ON YOUR PIPES While these types of products can cause temporary relief of a clog; they can cause long term damage to your pipes and rubber fittings; causing a larger problem.


8) BUILDING A PLANTER AGAINST YOUR HOME Planters can be a beautiful addition to any home; however it is important to do them right.  If the planter is against your home and is not properly flashed it can cause a leak or dry rot on your home, because the water will not drain properly if not.  Hire a licensed contractor to make such an addition.


9) PLACING LARGE OR HEAVY FURNITURE IN A LOFT AREA CAN CAUSE DEFLECTION & FLOOR SQUEAKS.  Pianos, pool tables and water beds all should be first floor items.  Most homes second story areas are not designed to hold large loads over a certain weight.  It is best to place these items on the lower floor to prevent larger issues.


10) INSTALLING FANS WITHOUT A FAN BOX/ MAKING ELECTRICAL CHANGES. Many do-it-yourselfers like to make electrical upgrades on a weekend; if steps are missed they could cause one of many issues:  If a fan is installed in a ceiling without the proper box to hold its weight it could fall on the occupants of the room.  Secondly, electrical modifications; if not done correctly could be susceptible to arching and causing a fire in your home.   Hire a licensed electrician to make any electrical modifications or upgrades to your home.